Useful websites, inspirational blogs & recommended cookbooks

Here is a list of everywhere I’ve either bought products, or gotten recipe ideas or tips and tricks for low-waste living and plant based deliciousness.  Many of the websites I used to find were either UK or US based so I hope all your Aussies find this more relevant than other blogs!

Package Free Stores/Recycling
 – THE BEST STORE EVER AND THEY DELIVER – funky little co-op in Newtown with a variety of package free products, including coffee – another bulk-food store with a few outlets – Newtown and another in Bondi where I work! – where to recycle soft plastics!

Online Shops

Flora & Fauna
A range of beauty and household products, mostly in biodegradable packaging.  
All vegan products

Two Hands Project
Northern Beaches based non profit organisation with online store – reusable bottles, cups, straws, also present at local farmers markets and festivals

Has a no-waste/plastic free section with a range of household products and beauty items

Life Without Plastic
A ‘one stop shop’ for all plastic free products

Cookbooks and Blogs

miyoko Get yourself a copy of this book and start making your own cheeses and yoghurts – because reasons

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 5.17.59 pm.png The cookbook that started it all! My journey through plant-based life into veganism, and now towards a waste free life.  Suffice to say I would take a guess that at least 99% of these recipes are able to be done waste-free by either following them, or substituting ingredients (such as one dried fruit for another).  Highly recommend taking a look at Emily’s Blog This Rawsome Vegan Life too – Handy website with heaps of good tipes and an app that locates zero waste products – Another blogger who generates about a mason jar worth of trash in TWO YEARS! – A stunningly presented blog with different categories for zero waste, plastic free, minimalistic living (and recipes too!)