Useful websites, inspirational blogs & recommended cookbooks

Here is a list of everywhere I’ve either bought products, or gotten recipe ideas or tips and tricks for low-waste living and plant based deliciousness.  Many of the websites I used to find were either UK or US based so I hope all your Aussies find this more relevant than other blogs!

Package Free Stores/Recycling
 – THE BEST STORE EVER AND THEY DELIVER – funky little co-op in Newtown with a variety of package free products, including coffee – another bulk-food store with a few outlets – Newtown and another in Bondi where I work! – where to recycle soft plastics! – for all those ‘hard to recycle’ items from coffee capsules to laboratory waste!

Online Shops

Flora & Fauna
A range of beauty and household products, mostly in biodegradable packaging.  
All vegan products

Two Hands Project
Northern Beaches based non profit organisation with online store – reusable bottles, cups, straws, also present at local farmers markets and festivals

Has a no-waste/plastic free section with a range of household products and beauty items

Life Without Plastic
A ‘one stop shop’ for all plastic free products

Nourished Life
These people really care about the planet!  Just be careful as not everything is strictly vegan

Cookbooks and Blogs

miyoko Get yourself a copy of this book and start making your own cheeses and yoghurts – because reasons

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 5.17.59 pm.png The cookbook that started it all! My journey through plant-based life into veganism, and now towards a waste free life.  Suffice to say I would take a guess that at least 99% of these recipes are able to be done waste-free by either following them, or substituting ingredients (such as one dried fruit for another).  Highly recommend taking a look at Emily’s Blog This Rawsome Vegan Life too

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.52.30 am This is a fantastic resource for those who are struggling to be zero-waste without meat analogues – I’m talking chikun, porq, beaf, bacun, seafood replacements – all with the magical vital wheat gluten ingredient.  I have managed to source most of the ingredients in this book plastic free, or found substitutes (eg. I found dried mushrooms to make my own mushroom powder!) – available as a PDF download from the following website:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 11.52.54 am This is my go to book for all of those random condiments and items that aren’t easily accessible package free – vegan butter, mustards, tomato sauces, pastas, mayonnaise.  This book is AMAZING and I cannot recommend it enough!  I went one step further and purchased an e-book instead of the real deal. – Handy website with heaps of good tipes and an app that locates zero waste products – Another blogger who generates about a mason jar worth of trash in TWO YEARS! – A stunningly presented blog with different categories for zero waste, plastic free, minimalistic living (and recipes too!)