Basic Tips & Tricks for reduced & zero-waste living

Here is a series of ‘Simple Swaps’ Photos that you can save and share =)




These are screenshots of some Google Docs I wrote – but gives you a good insight into what I do on a daily basis to reduce my waste =)



Equipment I use

One of the things I’ve realised is most important is useful kitchen equipment!  There are a few pieces of equipment I would highly recommend purchasing if you’re looking towards reducing your impact:

  • Rice cooker – anything from rice and grains to soaking and cooking chickpeas and pulses!
  • Pressure cooker – for making pasta sauces or quick cooking of pulses, also makes great tomato paste
  • Dehydrator – any leftover vegetables and fruit can be thrown into one and kept longer – I made semi dried tomatoes in mine!
  • High speed blender – for nut milks, cheeses and sauces and spread
  • Food Processor – makes nut flours, oat flour and some epic raw brownies and slices