Hello, hey, hi! Welcome to my blog which has been about 2 years in the making.  After documenting most of my food and sustainability related escapades on Facebook I decided to collate everything to a blog – mainly because people keep asking me to!

If you don’t actually know me, my name is Steph – an outspoken, ambivert human who loves nothing more than cooking amazing vegan food, and being as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible in everything I do.

I was inspired, like many others, with the ‘Zero Waste’ movement.  I found a lot of blogs regarding zero-waste living were either US or UK based, meaning the information about where to find things was not relevant to me.  I also found that I had to go to a bunch of different websites for a variety of information – so the goal here is to generate a ‘one-stop-shop’ project where you can find all the info you need in one spot!

My end goal is to one day not produce any trash – and perhaps a business that does the same.  In the meantime I’m documenting my progress, discoveries and journey here.  At present I would describe my current approach to living as ‘low-waste’ – there’s still items I use with packaging, but my current goal is to eliminate what I can, and find uses for what I’m not ready to let go of.  Arguably self-indulgent yes, but I’ve always been told it’s about ‘intention, not perfection’ and even if I inspire people to make one or two small changes then that to me, is a huge success.

Every bit counts, and I’m hoping my in-depth research and experiences will ensure that what seems like a huge task of removing waste and plastic from your life, becomes a lot easier and more accessible.

So please enjoy!