A simple 5 ingredient personal care regime

The only 5 ingredients you’ll need for your zero-waste personal care regime for face, hair, and body

I’ve noticed a lot of repetition ingredients wise with DIY/Home-made beauty products – and that’s a good thing!

When I look back on the 10 thousand products I used and their ingredients list, no wonder my skin was so confused!  In saying that I’m lucky to have never suffered from any skin conditions such as acne or eczema, so my experience stems from having skin that has always been very easy to maintain.  So please bear in mind that these are all personal suggestions that have worked for me.  If you do require other products for medical reasons, I strongly suggest you keep using them or ask your doctor if there are home-made alternatives.

From a non-medical perspective, I do think we over-complicate our skin/hair care regimes a lot when it isn’t needed– and I’ve noticed a significant improvement since ditching all of the fancy store bought products and moving to more simplistic methods.

But where to start?  HERE! I’ve narrowed down a list of the top 5 (maybe 8) ingredients that I use as part of my everyday beauty regime – including the recipes I use.

Castille Soap

Foamy goodness! You can buy it from most bulk stores in both liquid and bar form – depending on what you’re using it for will depend on which one you get.  The bars can be used directly as hand/face/hair washing bars, or you can use the liquid soap for the following:

  • Mix 1 C liquid castille soap with 1/8 C tea tree oil for a quick face wash (play around with the ratio of tea tree oil, if you think your skin needs more, add a bit more!)
  • Add 25 drops essential oils to 1 C castille soap to make a perfumed shampoo


Bicarbonate Soda

 Seriously – there is NOTHING bicarbonate soda can’t do! Stain remover, dish washing powder, carpet cleaner etc.  It’s main function is to clean and remove stains as it reacts with oxygen, so it makes sense that it’s incredibly useful for lots of different tasks.

Beauty wise I use it for the following:

  • Mix 6Tbsp bicarb with 6Tbsp coconut oil, 2 tsp xylitol (optional) and peppermint drops to create toothpaste
  • Mix 3 Tbsp coconut oil, 3 Tbsp bicarb, 2 Tbsp melted cocoa butter (or just extra coconut oil – be mindful it will be softer), 2 Tbsp arrowroot powder (optional) and some drops of essential oil for deodorant
  • I’ve been told it can be used as shampoo in certain instances!


Coconut Oil

 Not only good for cooking – it is very useful for beauty routines.  It makes deodorant and toothpaste as mentioned above, it’s GREAT as a leave in conditioner, and makes a beautiful Homemade Face/Body Scrub when mixed with ground coffee or tea leaves (As a caffeine addict I always have some of this lying around) – it can also be mixed with some essential oil and make a pretty good lip moisturiser.  I’ve even found as a result of using coconut oil for removing makeup, dirt, and using as a scrub that I don’t need to moisturise as much – and it arguably makes a great moisturiser too (depending on your skin balance)

10 Reasons to Start Putting Coconut Oil on your face



 Let’s be real – they smell good, and they’re great for anti-bacterial purposes.  Thus they can be mixed with water to make a great face toner, or for a quick under-arm refreshment.  If you don’t have essential oils, add some lemon zest to your deodorant too!


Tea Tree Oils and Essential Oils

 Arguably a need – but I do enjoy smelling good, which means for me adding products such as tea tree oil and essential oils to all my home-made products just make them more enjoyable and delicious!  My favourites are any floral scents for deodorants and body sprays, peppermint or minty flavoured ones for toothpaste and mouth related stuff, and maybe even some citrus scented ones for toners or face scrubs.

Spa scene with natural cosmetics

Happy home prepping!


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