Today’s trip to the farmer’s markets

I found out about Hornsby Farmer’s Markets a while back, but obviously due to work related commitments I’ve never been – so naturally school holidays presented a fantastic opportunity to check them out!

They are run through Organic Food Markets, which also service areas along the Northern Beaches and Central Coast.

My mission today? ZERO WASTE!  Which from what I can gather from other ZW bloggers is rather easy at farmer’s markets because the idea is to showcase the produce.

My favourite find? Strawberries without a punnet!


BEHOLD!!!! A wonderful fruit and veg shop owner in Hoxton Park apparently sells these beautiful strawbs by the bucket!  So I tried my luck asking if they could use the paper wrap instead of a bag for my strawberries – after some convincing I won 😉

So my pro tip – take a bucket and small produce bag with you to Farmer’s Markets and hopefully someone there will be selling these babies by the bucket!  They were situated on the green grass strip next to a Hamburger stall


It was such a pretty day!  I was having the best time just meandering and wandering around looking at all the stalls, absorbing the atmosphere.  Mainly fruit, veg and bread shops with a variety of items – some had plastic, others didn’t.  The best thing to do is to ask – or BYO bag and say no if they offer you one.

These guys were selling some beautiful breads – including a lovely Turkish Bread and Fruit Loaf – along with some vegan treats I had to resist because I only had $10 left (oops)


I then made a beeline for the ‘Naked Wholefoods’ Stall – which I knew would be there (as it says in my Where to buy zero waste in Sydney section)


Alllll the beautiful nuts, seeds and legumes!  Stocked up on some chickpeas to make some hommus and aqua-faba for future cooking adventures (even scored a ‘Follow’ to my blog!)

And it was about time to venture to the Food Court to have a look and see what was available – I already knew where I was heading – DUMPLINGS FROM THE DUMPLING HUT!

The ‘have here’ option is obviously the best because it comes in the cutest little steamer, and I used my little DIY ‘takeaway kit‘ to avoid using any utensils or plastic – et voila! Almost Zero Waste lunch if you ignore the paper plate.  I then just rinsed my little container in the bathroom and went on my merry way



Then of course I was super excited to see THIS!


YASSSSSSSSSSSS FOR COMPOSTING! I really do hope one day that food scrap collection becomes a thing most/all councils do.  It would be the greatest!

So all in all a successful and wonderful day with no plastic involved and nothing apart from a bit of paper into the bin ❤


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