Zero-Waste Body Hair Removal

I love my safety razor!

There are always multiple options for hair removal that are technically more ‘zero-waste’ than this – such as laser hair removal for example.  However this is not always an option for people or myself for a variety of reasons – cost, convenience, skin type etc.

I stumbled across the concept of a safety razor on another ‘Zero Waste’ Blog called Trash is for Tossers who is an amazing New York based human that is doing it a lot better than I am at present!

A few tips with using this safety razor – because the name is deceiving:

  • For a nice clean shave, aim to hold the razor at the same angle the blades on your other disposable razor would be (about 45 degree angle)
  • Keep the blade and razor straight as you shave – moving sideways will lead to cuts!
  • Go over your knees in short strokes, not long ones
  • Dry your legs and double check you’ve removed all the hair!

Not only is buying these blades A LOT better for the environment – most razors usually end up in landfill, and not to mention the intense amounts of packaging they come with – it’s also incredibly cost effective! I spent approx $80 on ebay for the razor and about 50 or so refill blades – which will last me a good few years shaving once a week.



One thought on “Zero-Waste Body Hair Removal

  1. Lukia M Costello says:

    Nice. I stopped using disposables as well. I have light hair on my legs and only shave for formal occasions. When I do, I use hair clippers (what you use for a buzz cut or to shave your head). I don’t care if my legs are completely smooth, no one but my husband looks that close anyway.


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