Re-using Gardein Bags

I love Gardein, and most plant based meat substitutes.  But I’m hesitant to buy to many of them because of the packaging of course.  Until I’m in a place where I’m able to prepare all my plant based meats my aim is to go for the ‘REUSE’ part of the 4 R’s.

And what better way to re-use than to store soaked cooked legumes!  These bags are actually fantastic for this because they’re zip locked and store well in the freezer.  So as long as you keep tabs on which bag has which type of legume then for me this is the best way to re-use bags that would otherwise end up in the trash

Although FYI through certain Woolworths and Coles you are now able to recycle soft plastics!  A company is now finding ways to recycle soft plastics like packaging, plastic bags and other items (including freezer packets) – and it’s getting turned into furniture! More info about REDCYCLE here


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