I bought BRAND NEW shoes for the first time in over a year

I love op-shopping.  Nothing makes me feel happier being stylish as all heck from other people’s trash.  I made a choice over a year ago to not buy anything brand new, and I stuck to it about 99% of the time (couldn’t resist a few cheeky vegan t-shirts)

But I’ve always had issues with op shop shoes for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, it’s really hard to find a good quality pair of second hand shoes that are also vegan.  Secondly – feet.  Enough said really.

So I saved up and decided to invest in 3 pairs of ‘Vegetarian Boots’ – knowing that their reputation for good quality long lasting vegan boots was pretty good.

The only thing I was mildly concerned about? – PACKAGING!!!  My mind swarmed with visions of bubble wrap, plastic post-bags and styrofoam.  So I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my ENTIRE order came wrapped up in a cardboard bag, complete with cardboard boxes and nothing but paper in it – JOY!

Photo on 3-10-2016 at 5.18 pm.jpg

Delicious paper parcel

So long story short, those of you who are trying to work out how to avoid plastic when buying new shoes – give Vegetarian Shoes a go!


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