My favourite shops in the world

I used to read online about all these fantastic wonderful shops where you could BYO containers, everything came in brown paper bags and there was virtually no waste what soever – what a dream!

Little did I know these shops exist in Australia!  I encourage EVERYONE to try and shop at places like The Source Bulkfoods, Scoop Wholefoods and Naked Foods – the greatest shops with everything you could possibly need in terms of dry goods, nuts, dried fruit, sugars, seeds, flours, starches, grains, oils, herbs and spices, chocolates, protein powders, herbal tea, coffee; AND cleaning and beauty products!  And they are more than happy to let you bring your own containers for refilling.

There are more stores if you go to the ‘Useful Websites and Links’ Section of my blog too, such as University Shops and Co-Ops!  Switching from pre-packaged food stuffs to this is one of the simplest actions you can take that has the greatest impact – no landfill, no plastic in oceans.  Happy Earth, Happy Life ❤



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